Mark Suleiman designs

For business owner, entrepreneur, and artist Mark Suleiman, jewelry design is an attempt to express his identity as well as allowing clients an opportunity to fulfill their dreams. Mark and his highly qualified team of talented designers and metalsmiths have over twenty years of experience together. His designs all start with the client’s dream and then–step by step, from consultation to sketch, approval, casting, fabrication and polishing–the journey progresses, ending only with the final production and presentation of their custom-created piece of jewelry as unique as they are.

Mark Suleiman started in the jewelry business in 1994 in Gallup, New Mexico, with his brother Kenny. As wholesalers, they specialized in museum quality Native American jewelry, diamonds, and other precious stones, handcrafted fine jewelry, as well as a custom line they designed themselves. They recognized the necessity of not only offering ready-to-wear jewelry, but the importance of offering their clientele heirloom quality diamond creations. Together, they apprenticed with the most knowledgeable jewelers in New Mexico to make certain quality went into every piece they sold. Once they secured the perfect location to properly showcase their designs and the other remarkable lines they represent, they opened their store on the historic plaza in downtown Santa Fe. Kenny passed away, shortly after. Mark continues to strive every day to honor his brother’s vision and legacy.,

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