Serious Bling: Basic Facts about Precious Metals in Jewelry

Shopping for the accessory is so much fun, but finding the right jewelry can be a tad tricky. Knowing the materials used can help you find the one that matches your style within your budget. But beyond that, what are the other reasons you should learn the material used?

For example, if you find lovely designer jewelry, you should note how it feels on your finger or around your neck and check if you are allergic to it. Besides that, knowing the material used will help you care for the accessory correctly.

Traditionally, jewelry is made of gold, silver, and platinum. In recent years, designer jewelry can also be made of ceramic, cobalt, stainless steel, titanium, and tungsten. 


Platinum is white and is often used in jewelry making. It comes from metallic silver and platinum ore. The color of platinum depends on how it is mixed with other metals. Platinum is the heavy and most durable of the three precious metals and is generally more resistant to oxidation than either gold or silver. 

Platinum is also hypoallergenic. That means you do not have to worry about your allergies acting up when wearing jewelry made of platinum.

Platinum is quite costly. It is more expensive than gold. However, it has a long life, meaning you do not have to worry about re-plating it.

If you are fond of jewelry, you might have heard of white gold. Considering that both metals are white, you might wonder about the difference between the two. White gold comes in three different varieties: yellow gold with added alloys, white gold with added alloys, and solid white gold.

White gold is not the same as platinum. However, the two metals can sometimes be confused as they look similar in color. White gold is much more affordable than platinum and therefore is favored by many people. It also has a high copper content, making it softer and more malleable than platinum. 


Gold is yellow and is the oldest precious metal. How gold jewelry is treated will determine the color of the final product. 

Color is also dependent on the number of other metals mixed with it before being sold. The most common combination of metals used to make gold jewelry is 14K or 18K. It indicates the amount of gold in a piece of jewelry. 

Gold is soft and malleable. These characteristics make it easy to work with when making designer jewelry. It is also a dense metal, making it very strong. Despite that, it is not as durable as some other metals, such as silver.

Gold is rarer than silver because it can be found in some world areas. One example of this is in the north of Australia. It is also found in South Africa, North America, and South America. 

Gold is a shiny, yellow metal and is the only metal that is not affected by air or water. That is why it has been used as a form of wealth protection since the beginning of time.


Choosing the right metal for your designer jewelry is important, whether it is for fashion or investment purposes. These precious metals have been used for thousands of years to decorate jewelry for various reasons. It is best to get information about them before making a decision.

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