Here Are the Best Earring Choices for Each Face Shape

Earrings are timeless accessories because they complement any outfit, from a little black dress to your favorite jeans. However, the shape of your face matters when choosing earrings, so it will help to select the best ones for your face type. 

Determine what type of face shape you have to choose earrings for your face type correctly. From there, you can start selecting earrings that play with the proportions of your facial features and complement them as well. 

Knowing Your Face Type

You can determine your face shape by outlining it in the mirror. You have a round or square face if the length and width are approximately equal (like a square). If you have a diamond or heart-shaped face, your chin is typically longer than the width of your cheeks and forehead. 

Meanwhile, you also have an oval face if the length and width of your face are similar, but if your face is longer than its width, you have a rectangular face. But if you notice that your chin is wider than your forehead and cheeks, you have an inverted triangle or oblong face. 

Oval Face Shape

Do you have a narrow forehead, and your chin is not broader than your cheeks? That means your face is an oval shape. If you have an oval face, you have the perfect face shape to wear almost any type of earrings because you can go for the longer, dangly earrings that help elongate your face. 

You can also use a pearl drop earring to frame your face. Meanwhile, you should refrain from wearing large and heavy earrings, as they can cause your face to look wider. Also, try to avoid round-shaped earrings as they can visually shorten your face. Instead, opt for earrings shaped like teardrops or diamonds.

Round Face Shape

If your face is round and wide, you should avoid wearing heavy earrings as they will only make it look wider. You should also keep from wearing earrings that are too big as they will also make your face look bigger than it is. 

You can wear long, thin dangly earrings to enhance your face shape to elongate your face. You should also avoid circular-shaped earrings because they will make your face look wider. Instead, choose long, thin heart or teardrop-shaped earrings.

Square Face Shape

If you have a square face, you have a broad forehead, a strong jawline, and a broad chin. Avoid wearing round-shaped and heavy earrings to complement your prominent features, as they will make your face look wider and larger. 

Instead, you can wear teardrop, diamond, and long, dangly earrings.

Heart Face Shape

If you have a heart-shaped face, your face is considered very feminine. It means you have a narrow forehead with a wide cheekbone area and a small chin. 

Select earrings that will add width to your face or make your face look longer, such as dangly earrings. If you put on round-shaped earrings, they will make your face look wider.

Rectangular Face Shape

If your face is rectangular, you have a long, narrow face with a broad forehead and a narrow chin and jawline. You can wear long, dangly, or chandelier-shaped earrings to complement your face shape. 

You can also consider earrings with an oval silhouette or earrings shaped like a teardrop, as these will add width to your face.


Choosing earrings for your face type is not difficult. You only have to determine which face shape you have and find the best earrings to complement it. Remember, if you are concerned about your face shape, you can ask your stylist to help you select the best earrings for your face shape and style.

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