Best Engagement Rings for Women – Everything You Should Know Before Shopping

Most women dream about their wedding day from a young age. You know what dress you want, how the ceremony should be, and what first dance song you prefer. Each detail has been lovingly planned by you.

However, you may not realize how many engagement rings there are in the world. With so many styles, it’s hard to know which one to pick. While you focus on the perfect day, you’ll be wearing the yellow-gold diamond engagement ring for the rest of your life. It’s important to think about that!

Whether you want a three-stone engagement ring or something pear-shaped, our diamond and jewelry experts can help you choose the perfect diamond ring! Let’s focus on the options available:

Diamond Engagement Ring

Jess Harper Sunday BLkj9eNhW90 UnsplashGold engagement rings are true and timeless. Most women would swoon over a gold ring with a sparkling diamond. Though 14k yellow gold is one of the most popular, you can also get a white gold band.

Engagement rings are worn solo until the wedding day, so she will definitely show it off to everyone she sees. Therefore, it should be unique and stunning.

White gold diamond rings are stunning and classy, too. Make sure you know what options she likes; each woman has a preference!

Whether she wants a diamond engagement ring with a plain band or a large diamond ring, you can make her the happiest woman in the world!

Modern Diamond Engagement Rings

Sabrianna KF37 VGEtXE UnsplashSome women are more modern, so a gold band isn’t their style. There are many other engagement rings available that don’t follow normal rules. Therefore, you’re not stuck with diamond engagement rings and can experiment with different shapes, gems, and sizes. Consider unique prongs to offset the gemstone and make it stand out.

She can get her dream ring, regardless of whether she wants an oval diamond or something completely different!

Inexpensive Engagement Rings

Many couples don’t have a large budget and are limited to the engagement rings they can afford. However, you don’t have to spend a ton of money to have a gorgeous engagement ring!

Shop online for cheaper engagement rings to spend a fraction of the money. You don’t have to drop thousands of dollars to catch your fiancé’s eye and win her over. Often, a simple design is great. Consider a heart-shaped diamond yellow gold ring!

Classic Ring

PAB2010 O6000 000OY 100 Pomellato Ring Nudo Maxi Rose Gold 18kt Blue TopazIf you ask, most women will tell you they want a classic or traditional diamond ring. Often, the best engagement rings are the ones with a refined and elegant touch. Therefore, if your fiancé wants a classy and conservative look, consider a marquise- or princess-cut yellow gold ring. White gold engagement rings are also great for the traditional bride.

Overall, traditional engagement rings are ideal because she can cherish it forever and even turn it into an heirloom after she’s gone.

Pear-shaped Rings

Pear-shaped engagement rings are sometimes called teardrop rings and are highly popular. These amazing engagement rings have soft curves and a pointed bottom to provide an asymmetrical appearance.

The pear-shaped diamond ring should complement any band, including rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, and platinum! When you crave stylish engagement rings that are graceful and delicate, this is the type of engagement ring to consider!

Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Fope Gold Chain RingRose gold engagement rings are in high demand now. In fact, rose gold is popular and can become the perfect diamond engagement ring.

Some people think that rose gold creates a vintage engagement ring, even if you buy it new, because of the color and modern twist. Overall, rose gold is luxurious and distinctive and will sweep her off her feet!

You can turn any diamond ring into something amazing with a rose gold setting. When your fiancé wants a diamond engagement ring, select this color and whatever center stone you prefer. Engagement rings are meant to be unique!

Unique Engagement Ring Features

Does your soon-to-be bride want a unique engagement ring? She’s sure to appreciate the one-of-a-kind nature. We can help you design your diamond ring to meet your needs. Change the center stone, consider the split-shank style, or go for a diamond halo. There’s no need to rush out to the diamond store with us at your side!

The unique design means that you don’t have to choose a diamond to get the perfect ring. Go with a ruby or emerald and change other ring features!

Halo Engagement Ring

Provence Pave Halo Spinning Turquoise Signet Engravable RingWhen traditional diamond engagement rings aren’t what she wants, the halo ring could be a better choice.

The halo engagement ring has a center stone encased by pavé diamonds. Therefore, the center stone doesn’t have to be a diamond, but many women like a center diamond.

Your halo engagement ring can be customized with a ruby or another center stone. In fact, you can create a sapphire engagement ring!

Go a step beyond the diamond ring with a beautiful halo ring. The halo ring could be the best engagement ring ever!

White Gold Ring

While many people like yellow gold for the engagement ring, white gold is just as beautiful. White gold was primarily developed to look like platinum, and it generally includes gold, zinc, and nickel.

Overall, white gold is popular as the band for a modern diamond ring, and more fine jewelry uses it because it has many benefits and looks great.

Bridal Sets

Saeed Anahid GhLgB OXNw UnsplashBridal sets feature the wedding band and engagement ring. Therefore, you present the engagement ring and hold the wedding ring until the ceremony. Generally, they complement one another well and fit together as one ring.

There are various options, and the engagement rings always match the band. Many women consider rose gold, white gold, or a platinum band. We can help you find the best diamond ring sets!

Pavé Diamonds

These beautiful engagement rings have delicate and small diamonds or gemstones along the band, giving the illusion that it’s paved with diamonds.

It’s very tasteful and elegant, so if your special lady prefers sophisticated engagement rings, this is the right choice. While it works with white gold, some people prefer a platinum Pavé band. Choose a Pavé center stone to get the best engagement ring ever!

Oval Center Stone Rings

R PTourm 600x600 1Does your special lady prefer oval instead of a round diamond center stone? The oval center stone is very chic and dignified. You can pair it with a pavé band or halo setting to create an exquisite rose gold ring!

Oval represents new beginnings, so it’s ideal as an engagement ring. Make her heart skip a beat with a yellow-gold ring that has an oval stone in the center. She will swoon over the diamond ring!

Colored Rings

Whether you want a band made of rose gold or something else, you don’t have to focus solely on a diamond ring. Many engagement rings look amazing and have no center stone at all! Add designs in your fiancé’s favorite shade to create a unique piece that’s all hers!

The 4 C’s for the Perfect Engagement Ring

When you choose an engagement ring (whether by yourself or with your fiancé), you should focus on the 4 Cs. It’s a concept that many jewelry experts use to help you decide on what you want. Cut, clarity, carat size, and color all play a part in the diamond’s overall beauty and price.

Cut Quality

The cut of the engagement ring refers to the quality of the finishing details, facets, angles, and proportions. Overall, it significantly impacts the diamond’s appearance more than anything else! If the cut isn’t right, it won’t shine as brilliantly.

Generally, the diamond cut is graded with the GIA or AGS scale. The options are Excellent, Good, Very Good, Poor, or Fair. You want an Ideal or Excellent cut for round brilliant cut diamonds to provide the best fire and brilliance.


Lisse Spinning Pyramid Ceramic And Pave RingColor actually refers to how colorless the diamond is in the engagement ring. GIA grading ranges from D to Z (noticeably brown or yellow). It’s crucial to focus on color, and the most important element here is that your diamond shows colorless with regard to its setting.

That brings up a curious point. The optimal color for the diamond can vary based on the metal setting and shape. Generally, we recommend buying diamonds in the lowest color grade once it is set into an engagement ring. It should then appear colorless to your eyes.


Clarity focuses on how clean the diamond is from blemishes and inclusions. Typically, flawless options are very expensive. However, you can still get a beautiful engagement ring with a low diamond clarity; just be aware that it will show the imperfections.

Generally, we don’t recommend that you pay for perfection. Most people will never get close enough to the ring to see the minor inclusions. Just make sure it’s eye-clean, which means you can’t see anything with the naked eye.

Carat Size/Weight

Mischa Emerald Cut Blue Tourmaline Ring 2Carat size actually refers to the weight of the diamond itself. Diamonds vary significantly in size because of the shape, so different settings can make the diamond within the engagement ring look smaller than one of the same weight.

We often suggest that you focus on the overall beauty and cut quality of the diamond before worrying about carat weight. A stunning 1-carat diamond always outshines a 1.5-carat diamond that looks worse for wear.

Diamond Shape

While diamond shape isn’t one of the 4 Cs, it’s still important to consider. This is a personal preference. Most women enjoy the classic round brilliant diamond engagement ring, but others like unique options, such as halo rings or pear-shaped versions.

The best thing you can do here is to choose one that matches your partner’s personality and style. They should be comfortable wearing it for the rest of their lives!

Request Help

We realize that the 4 Cs are confusing. If you’re not sure what ring is right for you, please contact us for assistance. In fact, we’re here to make the ring-buying process simple. Ask about vintage-inspired options, choose a loose diamond to add to a setting later, or whatever you wish!


When Should I Buy a Diamond Engagement Ring?

There’s no “best” time to purchase a diamond engagement ring, but we recommend doing so before you propose. Jewelers tend to offer promotions and sales during the year, but they aren’t significant. Therefore, you don’t really have to wait for a lower price.

Typically, though, modest discounts can be found on a diamond ring after Valentine’s Day, in January, or right before Christmas. We try to keep prices low, so you get the ideal ring, regardless of when you want to propose.

Though most people buy the engagement ring before the proposal, we do want to point out that some couples select the ring together. Therefore, you might propose with a simple ring and search later.

How Much Should I Spend on an Engagement Ring?

While the going rate for an engagement ring is supposed to be three times your salary, that’s a little outdated. Spend as much as you’re comfortable with, and always think about your personal financial situation. Don’t go into significant debt for a diamond ring while you’re trying to create a life together.

What’s the Most Timeless Diamond Engagement Ring?

The solitaire engagement ring is the most timeless ring available. It was popularized years ago and defines sophistication, elegance, and class.

If you’re not sold on the solitaire engagement ring, another timeless engagement ring is the round brilliant cut diamond. However, the emerald-cut diamond is another choice. There’s a beautiful center diamond with smaller diamonds on each side to accent it.


Finding the best engagement rings is tricky because there are so many options. Do you want a solitaire ring, an oval diamond, or something else? It’s a personal question that you must ask yourself and your partner.

We offer beautiful engagement ring options, whether you prefer an emerald cut diamond or round diamonds. Are you ready to choose the perfect diamond ring? Let’s get started today!

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