Your Essential Tips for Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring

A proposal is a momentous occasion in one’s life for both the person popping the question and the one answering. If you’re looking to buy diamond engagement rings online but you’re not sure what would be perfect for your significant other, there are a few tips that can help you narrow down your choice.

Go By How You Feel Instead of Pure Grading

Feel is more important than the grade when purchasing a diamond. Does the ring evoke an emotion from you? Do you feel like it touches you and would likely carry the same meaning for your future spouse?

Your heart and emotions are the most significant parts of your proposal, so even if you don’t go for the highest carat or a D Flawless stone, you can get a perfectly good ring with nice color, cut, and clarity.

Style is More Important than Size

Even if a diamond is a round brilliant, it could be cut in different ways with very different looks. A lot of people get too caught up in trying to get the biggest stone possible for their budget, but you can actually be wiser about this.

Balance your choice between the overall style, cut, and the band of the ring to have a stylish ring that can feel timeless. You don’t want to sacrifice other design elements just so you can pop on a huge stone.

Make Sure You Keep Setting in Mind

The choice you make for a setting should be in balance with the diamond you choose. A round brilliant diamond looks great mounted on a simple four-claw setting, but it also looks stunning set in a more ornate cathedral setting.

Again, feel free to work with trusted individuals to find a design that perfectly highlights and makes use of the diamond. Consider it like a piece of art that you want to be able to look back on.

Don’t Limit Yourself to One Design

It’s a good idea to know what kind of style you want, but it can be a mistake to limit yourself to a single design before you do your research. You might find out there’s a cut or style you’ve never thought about that’s perfect for your budget. Keep in mind that there are many different ring cuts, so you don’t have to be set in stone (pun intended) from the get-go.

Reach Out to a Jeweler to Help You

You can learn a lot just by looking online, but there’s a huge benefit to actually speaking with an expert in person. Speak to a jeweler that can give you some insight into their expertise. This way, you get the answers to any practical questions you might have.

Get to Know Your Partner’s Preferences Over Trends

If you can, get the input of your future spouse’s friends and family, if possible. Find ways to figure out what your significant other really wants instead of just sticking to the trends. This way, you get a ring that feels personal and isn’t tied down by potentially dated fads.

Go For Ethically Sourced Gems

When it comes to buying diamond engagement rings online, you have to be extra careful with where your diamonds come from. Even if you’re purchasing loose stones and aren’t aware of the chain of custody, it’s always best to do the right thing and vote with your wallet.


There’s no need to be overwhelmed by the number of choices available to you when buying diamond engagement rings online. Remember to keep your heart above your head and to keep in mind your future wife or husband’s preferences. After all, it’s about the personal significance of the ring.

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