How to Choose the Necklace that Complements Your Style

When you want to present yourself in the best light, you want to make sure that your outfit, hairstyle, shoes, and accessories represent your personality. You want the observer to pause and realize, “Oh, hey, that diamond necklace is so you!” That kind of compliment brings out a proud feeling—that you are successful in choosing the items that represent your authentic self.

That’s why you should know how to shop for your own clothes, accessories, and jewelry. If you’ve allowed your mother to shop for you up until now, it’s time to demand autonomy. This is the year when everything in your wardrobe reflects you. Since you’ve got to start somewhere, why not start with the necklace that best fits your personal aesthetic?

Choosing the ideal necklace is a deeply personal experience that can also be joyful and delightfully self-indulgent. But it’s astonishing how difficult it is to get the perfect necklace. So below are a few tips you can follow when shopping for the ideal necklace.

Follow Your Personal Preference

The biggest advantage of wearing an accessory—in this case, a piece of jewelry—is that it allows you to add a little bit of your personality and creativity to an outfit. Even when two people wear the same outfit, they can look completely different with the right accessories.

That’s why you may have second thoughts if you’re shopping for, say, a diamond necklace for someone else. You won’t be entirely sure that the receiver will like it. However, since it’s a thoughtful gift that demonstrates how much you care, you can have faith that the receiver will appreciate it nonetheless. Here’s a trick, though—go for rose gold if you’re undecided because it complements any skin tone.

Find Out If You Can Wear It with Traditional and Modern Outfits

If you have pearl and diamond necklaces, you will be surprised by their duality. Diamonds are traditionally the most popular choice for engagement and wedding bands because they represent eternity and love. On the other hand, when worn with a simple dress, pearls are the essence of ladylike grace.

Fashion and trends keep changing, though, and the days of wearing diamonds and pearls primarily for traditional and ceremonial occasions are long gone. They’ve now enjoyed a resurgence in popularity, and you’ll see them in cutting-edge modern designs. 

When you observe the fashion trends these days, you will find an increasing number of women incorporating diamonds and pearls into their everyday looks, giving these classics a new and edgy spin.

Pay Attention to the Necklace’s Shape

Your neckline is the most important thing to consider when selecting the appropriate necklace to complement your outfit. The general rule is to match the shape of your neckline with your necklace. Once you’ve done that, you can start to play with textures and materials.

Consider your clothes and body type to determine which features you want to emphasize, and then choose your necklace accordingly. For instance, a choker worn with a high neckline shortens the neck, whereas a V-neck with a longer pendant draws the eye down and lengthens the body.

Consider Whether You’re Going to Wear It Formally or Casually

The material you choose for your necklaces is mainly determined by whether you want to go for a professional or informal look. A fancier necklace with a lot of stones looks better with formal attire, whereas a simpler design looks best with casual clothing.

Here’s an extra tip: A t-shirt and jeans outfit with a lot of diamonds could look a little out of place, so try to reconsider if you’re thinking of sporting this outfit.


The tips mentioned are useful guidelines in choosing your necklace, especially if you have an event to attend or an OOTD to shoot and post on your socials. Once you’ve collected a number of necklaces, don’t be afraid to experiment and mix things up! Even if the outfits and jewelry don’t match, at least you’ll know better next time.

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