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Established in 1995 by third generation jeweler Norman Covan in Los Angeles, California, the Norman Covan design house of diamond jewelry is run by the respected and renowned Covan family. Today, Norman Covan runs the company with his daughter, Lara Covan who is equally as passionate as her father when it comes to the designs, quality, and timeless fashion their diamond jewelry is famous for.

Bringing people together through the artisanship of timeless and uniquely beautiful diamond jewelry, the Norman Covan design house focuses on the quality and workmanship for each piece handcrafted by its team in their studio with Norman Covan himself overseeing and designing all the beautiful pieces the studio produces. Norman Covan’s gorgeous jewelry collections effuse an expression of passion, beauty, and individuality that makes those who wear them, absolutely ravishing.

Striving everyday to maintain being one of the best in their class, Norman Covan’s team can be found attending America’s world renowned jewelry trade shows and bringing stunning jewelry to the people who appreciate the artistry, quality and workmanship brought by the Norman Covan design house.

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