Engagement Rings Don’t Have to Feature Diamonds

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Our 6 Beautiful Alternatives To A Traditional Engagement Ring

You have always marched to a different beat and your relationship with your beloved is also markedly unique. You have never settled for the ordinary in your life, so why should your engagement ring be traditional?

The fact is that some of the most beautiful engagement rings are nontraditional. But what you typically see advertised are the standard white diamond offerings. But you will never have to settle for something that stops short of expressing your special relationship when you shop for engagement rings at Diva Diamonds & Jewels.

Toss Tradition Out

Forget the single white diamond rings and open yourself to some of these exquisite nontraditional engagement rings like this white diamond ring that’s set off with an array of sparkling pink diamonds. Or, make an even bolder statement with this radiant-cut yellow diamond of more than 20cts set in 18K white gold and offset by white diamond baguettes.

Your Engagement Ring Can Be Both Affordable and Nontraditional

But engagement rings don’t have to break the bank to be stunning and unique. Instead of a single rock, you might prefer an 18K half-band of sparklers on this diamond eternity band that symbolizes yours is a love that’s made to go the distance.

Some same-gender male couples may be challenged when looking for engagement rings to reflect their commitment to one another. But Diva Diamonds & Jewels has the perfect choices. This blackened sterling silver and 18K gold and diamond ring by Emanuela Duca is both eye-catching and suitable for any discerning man.


When Prince Charles proposed to Lady Diana Spencer, the ring she chose was nontraditional — a stunning sapphire surrounded by diamonds. With that option in mind, Diva Diamonds & Jewels offers our very own fairy tale version, an 18KT white gold blue sapphire and diamond engagement ring.

Some couples may choose the stone of the heart, an emerald, to represent their love for one another. Emeralds symbolize compassion, mercy, and agape — universal love. Those qualities are definitely the building blocks of a strong marriage and this lovely 6.5CT oval emerald two-tone ring encircled with diamonds is the perfect symbol of your unique relationship.

You Are Writing Your Own Love Story

The bottom line is that your engagement ring should reflect the love and values that the two of you share. There are no rules when it comes to representing your strong commitment to always love and cherish one another. The jewelers at Diva Diamonds & Jewels are honored to share in your journey to find the perfect ring to represent your love.

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