5 Steps to Ensure That Your Diamonds Are Safe at Home

Do you own fancy pieces of diamond jewelry that you’d like to keep safe from theft? Have you ever felt unsafe leaving them behind when you go on vacations or business trips? We can help! Follow these tips and tricks to prevent your jewelry from getting stolen.

1) Store Your Diamonds in the Safe 

This is our first piece of advice. If you want to ensure that your diamonds are safe at home, the best thing to do is to store them in the safe. Of course, you can’t put the entire safe in your closet or under your bed, so you will have to choose some simple but effective hiding places.

A good idea is to conceal your safe in a hidden compartment. For example, you can fit it into a regular photo frame, a bookcase, or a shelf.

You can install a safe behind a painting or any other similar piece of décor. That way, the safe will be completely invisible and will not attract the attention of thieves.

2) Keep Your Safe Hidden

Your safe location is also very important. Try to keep your safe hidden from everybody else – not only from burglars! Keep it away from children, pets, and any other individuals who shouldn’t be able to access it.

If you leave it somewhere out in the open, it might attract unwanted attention. It might be hard to hide it from your kids, but you can always keep it in a drawer.

3) Keep It Under Secure Lock and Key

The best way to ensure that you safety is to keep it under lock and key. Your first line of defense is a good lock. You will want a safe with a lock that is high-quality and difficult to bypass.

If anyone tries to break in, they will have to deal with a very high-end lock. That’s a great deterrent.

4) Make Sure They Are Not in Plain Sight

A good place to keep yourself safe is in a hidden room or in the basement. As we already mentioned, a safe hidden behind a painting or a shelf is the best place to keep it. It’s not ideal to keep it next to the window or near the door.

Hide it in a room where nobody will go. Also, make sure that no one can see it from the outside.

5) Don’t Keep It All in One Place

If you really want to make sure that your jewelry is safe at home, don’t keep all of it in the same place. A good way to store your jewelry is to have a couple of different places to keep it.

For example, you might keep your engagement ring at home and your other, less valuable pieces of jewelry at work. That way, you will have peace of mind knowing that nothing will be stolen.

If you want a more effective approach, consider renting a safety deposit box. You can keep your most valuable jewelry in your safety deposit box, and you can keep the rest at home.


Diamonds are valuable, but they can be stolen. If you really want to make sure that your diamonds are safe, you have to do your best to keep them safe at home. 

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