Everything You Need to Know about Anklets and Their Meanings

Collecting designer jewelry can be a great endeavor that lets you explore different facets of your personality and have a quick way to complete any look. One piece of jewelry that often strikes awe and starts conversations is the anklet.

There is a lot of debate regarding how to best incorporate anklets into your look, but they also tend to hold a lot of meaning. More than just accessories, they also act as symbolic items that can change people’s perceptions of you. With this, here’s what you need to know about anklets and their meaning:

Expressions of Love

Anklets are often worn by people who are in love or in a very committed relationship. They symbolize devotion and love. They are also a great way to show your love to your significant other without getting something that looks cheap or gaudy. 

In many ways, they are meant to be a symbol of commitment. It’s akin to wearing a wedding ring to show people that you are taken.

Anklets Left and Right

Some perceptions are tied to whether you are wearing your anklet on the left, right, or both ankles. These meanings can be spiritual or social.

One is said to wear an anklet on the right to signify that they are in an exclusive relationship and are not planning to see other people. Single people can wear one on the left to let people know that they are single and ready to mingle.

Wearing anklets on both sides eliminates these alternative meanings and gives you the freedom to stack and mix just to create a fashion moment.

Occasions Appropriate for Anklets

If worn properly, anklets actually have a wide range of applications. In early history, anklets have been known to indicate social status and proclaim your “rank” to others. Years later, it would also be the go-to fashion statement for beach dwellers and hippies in communes.

Through the years, its popularity has been driven by some trend of a meaning tied to it, so the anklet has remained an iconic piece of culture and society. Nowadays, you have more freedom to choose how you want an anklet to represent you. It will be primarily dependent on its exact placement and material.

For instance, a rubberized anklet is more of a casual and youthful choice. If you want to elevate your look, you can use a simple anklet made with silver, gold, and white pearl, among other things. You can use a loose fit to create a relaxed aesthetic, or you can also wear a more rigid one with more structured lines.

You can even add in some Swarovski if you’re going to use it as an accent piece for more momentous events. The level of bejeweled glory really depends on whether you are trying to be bold or just understated.

Although they are generally accepted in most spaces today, you should still be mindful if you are attending any formal or conservative event. The main reason is that they draw attention to your legs, so you should read the room to figure out if it would be the appropriate space for that.


Whatever your reason may be to want an anklet, it’s best to go for it! You can easily find a piece of designer jewelry that can adorn your ankles beautifully and pairs well with your clothing.

If you’re looking for the perfect designer jewelry anklets to add to your collection, visit DIVA Diamonds and Jewels. Contact us to schedule an appointment. 

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