How to Match Jewelry with Your Clothes

Jewelry can be a tool that you use to express your personality. It can be a way to communicate your inner self to others, whether you are choosing jewelry for an occasion or just flaunting your personal style. You can use jewelry to make a statement about yourself, whether it is on purpose or not. By paying attention to jewelry, other people will get a sense of who you are as a

person. For example, it can be used to reflect your job or your interests. However, there are some basic rules for how to match it with your outfits. Here’s how!

Complement Your Outfit

When choosing what jewelry to wear, you should always think about your outfit. What color are you wearing? Is it a black cocktail dress or an orange blouse? What kind of jewelry would look great with your color? If it involves a bright color, you may want to go with a statement necklace. If your outfit involves a lot of neutral tones, a simple statement necklace will look great. For a more formal outfit, you may want to go with a cocktail ring!

Smaller Pieces and More Strings

The key to combining dainty pieces of jewelry is to have pieces that are small, simple, and dainty. There is nothing better than a few strings of pearls, a single ring, or a necklace with a few delicate pendants.

With Jewelry, Less Is More

As a general rule, don’t go overboard with the jewelry. Many women tend to wear far too much jewelry. If you wear too much, it will be overwhelming, and it will draw too much attention away from the other parts of your outfit. Jewelry should complement your look and not overpower it.

Match a single piece of jewelry or just two at most to an outfit. You can never go wrong with an accessorized look!

Know Your Necklace Length

Long necklaces are great for long-sleeved garments. The long length of the necklace can break up a bold print, accentuate your décolletage, or draw attention to your face.

Short necklaces are great for tops with a deep V-neck. A short necklace can draw attention to your décolletage, as well. At the same time, however, it will not overwhelm your face.

Long chokers are great for wearing with necklines that are wide on top. They can also be worn with tops that have sleeves, whether those sleeves are at a 3/4 length or ¾ length.

Medium-length necklaces can create a striking look if you are wearing a solid color or just a simple or bold pattern.

Stick to Your Style

There are so many different types of jewelry, but if you know what you like and stick to your style, you will be fine. You should not feel like you always have to go with the latest trends. In fact, you should be wearing the latest trends, but they should be in your style!

Jewelry is a great way to express yourself if you just know what to do with it. Just remember to not go overboard, to complement your outfit, and stick to your style!


The right jewelry can showcase your individuality or give you an air of elegance. Whether you wear it to express your inner self or complement your outfit, it is a fun way to make a statement!

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