Rare Colorful Diamonds: A Gorgeous Investment

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Colorful Diamonds

In this blog we explore the world of colored diamonds while highlighting yellow and pink diamonds specifically: the perfect diamond colors for summer!

     When you hear the word “diamond,” you probably imagine a stunning and sparkling icy clear gemstone in the center of a glittering engagement ring. For good reason, white diamonds like this are popular for all types of jewelry from tennis bracelets and stud earrings to engagement rings and pendants.

     However, diamonds can come in a varying range of gorgeous colors. Diamonds can be found in brown, black, gray, yellow, green, orange, pink, purple, blue, and red. All fancy colored diamonds are called rare as only about 1 in every 10,000 mined carats is considered “fancy colored,” but the most uncommon amongst them are red and blue diamonds.

     Colored diamonds that are more vibrant with deeper saturation of color will be more valuable and sought-after. Cut, clarity, and carat weight are still important for any diamond, but they take a backseat to the importance of quality of color in a fancy colored diamond.

Yellow Diamonds

Yellow Dia Ring WBK Large

Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond
This amazing diamond is over 20 carats and is at Diva Diamonds for sale set in an 18kt white gold ring with white diamond baguettes and pave diamond accents!

     Yellow diamonds are perhaps the most popular colored diamond currently in the jewelry world for the bright yellow – often referred to as “canary” – is eye-catching and makes a bold statement that is hard to rival.

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Yellow Diamond Flower
Colored diamonds are often used in non-traditional settings such as this beautiful flower ring with pear-cut yellow diamond petals!

     Yellow diamonds look beautiful in rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Besides white diamonds, fancy yellow diamonds are one of our top favorite stones to work with! We even have an entire case of yellow diamond jewelry at Diva Diamonds.

Pink Diamonds

R Pink Pear W Large

Pink Pear-Cut Diamond
Stunning pear-cut pink diamond set in 18k white and rose gold with pave white diamond halo and band.
     Pink diamonds are another popular choice for a sweet and stunning look, often paired with white or rose gold and white diamonds. This rare and natural gemstone brings to mind exotic scenes and an air of romance.
Royalty all over the world have used pink diamonds in their crown jewels, even Queen Elizabeth II often wears pink diamond brooches. Pink diamonds are also popular amongst celebrities these days, due to their rarity and beauty.
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Pink and White Diamond Flower Earrings
Pink Diamonds set in 18k rose gold with round white diamonds and 18k white gold in a halo.
Colored Diamonds Investment
     Colored diamonds are rare and increasing in popularity which is why they are considered an excellent investment opportunity. The best part about investing in diamonds is that you can wear them while you wait for the perfect time to sell! Natural colored diamonds do not fade in color so it’s fine to wear and enjoy them and they will not be adversely affected. 
     When investing in colored diamonds, you should look for diamonds that are very rich in color as they are rarer than lighter ones. Also choose diamonds with good clarity, cloudier colored diamonds are not as sought-after. As always, the more carats; the more valuable, however: do not forget that a deeply saturated and clear colored diamond of a lower carat could be worth more than a pale and cloudy colored diamond of a higher carat. 
P Y Pear Large 

     For investment purposes, you should always purchase colored diamonds that have GIA certification. This is very important as the certification tells you exactly what you are getting and anyone purchasing the stone from you in the future will most likely ask for GIA paperwork as well.

     Now that you know what you’re looking for, come into Diva Diamonds and Jewels in Santa Fe to find it! We have the largest selection of colored diamonds in Santa Fe, from yellow and pink to green and cognac brown. 

 *All opinions expressed are meant for entertainment and expression of opinions. All facts and statements within this blog are true to the best of our knowledge, though there may be omissions or errors as with any written content.

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