Sapphires — The September Birthstone

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Sapphires Today

     Sapphires are the traditional birthstone for the month of September and the gemstone representing the astrological sign Taurus as well as the gemstone of a 45th anniversary.

     The Sapphire is regarded as a stone of wisdom. It is said to promote order and self-discipline in the wearer’s life. Sapphire is also thought to banish negative thoughts. In the past, people believed that Sapphires could even cure or prevent diseases!

Precious Gemstone

     Natural Sapphires are classified as “precious gemstones” along with diamonds, emeralds, and rubies. Sapphire cost is determined by the gemstone’s cut, clarity, carat weight (size), color and overall quality.

Sapphire Color

     Sapphires are primarily thought of as a deep blue color. In actuality, Sapphires come in a wide variety of colors. Sapphires and Rubies are the two varieties of the mineral corundum, meaning that they are basically the same stone besides their color. Sapphires can occur in almost any color, except for red which is reserved for Rubies. In the United States, there must be a minimum level of color saturation for the stone to be called a Ruby, therefore lighter pink varieties are classified as “Pink Sapphire.” 

     Yellow, orange, green, pink, and colorless Sapphires are often seen as gemstones in jewelry. Colorless Sapphires are sometimes used to replace diamonds as a more affordable option. Pink and yellow Sapphires are very popular recently and make beautiful alternative choices to the traditional blue Sapphire.

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Sapphire Origins

     Sapphires are found in various locations around the world such as Australia, Thailand, China, Eastern Africa, and even in North America; including Montana!

Sapphires In Santa Fe

     Diva Diamonds and Jewels has quite a beautiful selection of sapphires from rings, earrings, and bracelets to pendants and necklaces! Stop by to see our pieces or talk to our knowledgeable associates about designing a custom Sapphire piece just for you!

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