The Popularity Of Colored Diamonds Over The Years

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Many people know of colorless or white diamond rings. These kinds of diamonds are more common and traditionally sought after, but there’s been a trend shift. Today many prefer colored diamonds. These diamonds come in various natural colors and have become popular over the years as an alternative to traditional white diamonds.

Why Are Colored Diamond Rings Popular?

Colored diamond rings are gorgeous gemstones. Only a few diamonds out of 100,000 will ever have a natural color, making colored diamonds extremely rare. The colors brown and yellow are most common. Pink, orange, blue, red, green, and violet are rarer.

Buyers seek colored diamonds out for extreme rarity, beauty, and investment potential. For example, the yellow Cora Sun Drop sold for $10.9 million at a Geneva auction in 2011. At 110.3 carat, it’s one of the largest diamonds ever sold, illustrating the popularity and value of colored diamonds.

Significant Events That Raised Awareness

Colored diamonds were marketed by the Argyle mine in Australia throughout the 80s, playing a significant role in increasing colored diamonds’ popularity. The marketing campaign was dropped in the late 90s after the mine reached its goal of public awareness. Nevertheless, the Argyle mine helped reshaped consumer impressions of colored diamonds.

Things took off even further for colored diamonds in the time Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were engaged. Mrs. Lopez received a beautiful 6.1-carat pink diamond ring from Mr. Affleck. After that, many more celebrities chose colored diamond rings and other jewelry over white, leading to a further explosion in the popularity of these gems.

Color and Intensity

The color of a diamond varies in intensity and distribution. Some colored diamonds come ‘very light,’ while others are ‘vivid’ in color. You should be able to notice the color of a diamond when it’s in the face-up position to call it ‘colored.’ Every stone has a unique color intensity and distribution, which is partly why collectors and exquisite buyers of diamond rings seek these gemstones.

The cut and clarity also matter, but more often than not, the key characteristic people love is the color—precisely, the deepness and richness of the shade. The more intense the stone’s color, the rarer, and consequently, the higher it is in value. If buying a colored diamond, ensure it’s 100% certified natural and did not undergo any artificial coloring process.

The rarity plus beauty of colored diamonds, early marketing efforts, and the explosion of celebrity adopters helped push these gemstones to the forefront.

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