What Makes Diamonds a Girl’s Best Friend in the First Place?

Scientists and artists alike have long recognized the beauty of diamonds. From the times of Queen Elizabeth I to the present, when Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe sang the song “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” in the 1950s film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, we have been mesmerized by diamonds. Perhaps as a result of their beauty, we are surprised to learn that diamonds are not the best friends of women. Although a diamond can do many things for us, like any material object, it does not define our worth. 

Wondering why women find diamonds to be their best friend? This blog is meant to explore just that.

Diamonds Are Classic

Aside from being a classic, diamonds are billions of years old. Imagine what they’ve been through and where they were present during times over the course of history? Who wouldn’t be amazed by the wonders that diamonds hold given history?

Diamonds Are Indestructible

Diamonds are among the hardest natural materials in the world. They are fifty times harder than any other natural material and even harder than some artificial ones. The only natural material that can scratch a diamond? Another diamond-a real one, since artificial ones can’t scratch it either. Diamonds are popular because they never wear off, get scratched, or get destroyed. 

Diamonds Are a Great Symbol of Status

Diamond jewelry has always been associated with power, success, and timeless elegance. Women have worn diamond jewelry for centuries because of these qualities. People tend to notice when women put on diamond jewelry.

A woman wearing a plain shirt and jeans will get a huge boost from a simple diamond bracelet. If she’s in a simple black dress for a certain occasion, then something as “small” as a diamond necklace will elevate things big time.

Diamonds Are an Ideal Investment

People are often hesitant to include diamonds in their long-term investment portfolios, but diamonds make an excellent investment choice. Diamonds are rare commodities that cannot be inflated away or devalued by the collapse of an economy or a stock market. They’re essentially crisis-proof and they offer women a sense of financial security.

There’s Quality Control for Diamonds

While diamonds are certainly on the more expensive side, their quality is stellar. The best thing about high-quality items is that the price tag is always worth it. Diamonds are always quality-controlled, with the value being pre-determined quite easily.

It should be noted, however, that unscrupulous sellers do exist. Picking them out should be easy enough since they will likely be unable to provide a real certificate with each diamond characteristic’s set qualities. Jewelry shops that push discounted diamonds should be avoided as well. While those diamonds are likely real, chances are the quality of the diamonds isn’t good at all.

Worst of all, some of the diamonds being sold could be entirely fake!


Traditionally, diamonds have always been known as a girl’s best friend. They’re gorgeous jewels but it should be noted that they do not define a woman’s worth at all. Diamonds got the moniker of “girl’s best friend” from being a great status symbol and being indestructible as a whole.

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