7 Engagement Ring Cuts and What They Represent

Engagement Ring Cuts

Do you know the different types of diamond shapes and what they represent? Choosing the right engagement ring cut for you can say a lot about who you are, so you want to make sure you choose the right one. We are going to go over the different engagement ring cuts and the meanings behind them. 

Diamond Ring Cuts

Although there are 10 different types of diamond cuts, we are just going to go over 7 of the most popular. When you wear a certain cut on your finger, it can represent and day things about your personality and about who you are. 

Are you a more traditional person? Then a round cut my just be the right diamond shape for you.

Or maybe you are spontaneous and clever? If so than you might want to consider a princess cut. 

Let’s take a look at the different engagement rings and help you find out which would fit you and your personality the best. 

1. Round Cut

When it comes to engagement rings, the round cut is the most popular and iconic of all other rings. It offers a classic simple design and is a excellent choice for a bride to be. The round cut engagement ring is for the person who likes to follow tradition, but is also laid back, and likes simplicity.

  • What the diamond says about you: Traditional, honest, and untroubled

This cut is perfect for the woman that wants her ring to truly sparkle and shin. Geometrically the round cut shows off the maximum amount of light and is a timeless style of ring.

2. Oval Cut

This type of engagement ring is for a bride that loves classic, but also new trends. The oval cut has an elongated design which makes it captivating and elegant. The elongated shape gives it a silhouette that can make it appear bigger. Who doesn’t wouldn’t want a large brilliantly shiny diamond ring?

  • What the diamond says about you: Intelligent, courageous, and individualistic

This type of ring is also great for a bride that has long and slender fingers. Choosing the oval cut shows that you are individualistic and also love a vintage look. 

3. Princess Cut

Originally invented back in the early 1960s, the princess cut was actually called the profile cut at first. This cut has a fancy and princess like shape that is square on top but some to a point on the bottom.

  • What the diamond says about you: Happy, spontaneous, and clever

The princess cut shines and sparkles as much brilliance as the round shape. This popular diamond cut is for the hopelessly romantic. The shape is known to manifest beauty and style – which is perfect for you, right?

4. Emerald Cut

This gorgeous diamond shape will highlight its perfect clarity more than any other cut. The emerald diamond is truly unique and it’s geometric shape rare. With a sophisticated look, this ring brings out beauty and precision above all other ring shapes.

  • What the diamond says about you: Hardworking, cultured, and honest

This cut radiates grace and refinement, it is for the bride who has a discerning taste and enjoys being flashy with her looks and fashion. Any woman that is about style should consider getting an emerald diamond ring. 

5. Cushion Cut

The cushion cut diamond can be either square or rectangular and rounded corners. This type of ring enhances the brilliance of the diamond and has a very romantic real. 

  • What the diamond says about you: Traditional, team-player, and reliable

With it’s rounded corners and dazzling facets, the ring catches the light and brings out beauty. For the bride that is a romantic, this is your shape. This diamond shows you that the bride knows who she is and what she wants – she will take charge of her future! 

6. Marquise Cut

With an elongated oval shape and pointed ends, the marquise diamond is also known as the Navette cut (which means “little boat”) in french. It’s elongated boat-like shape, the diamond can create an illusion of your ring being larger. 

  • What the diamond says about you: Versatile, Artistic, and Unique

The marquise diamond is extraordinary and displays brilliance. A bride with this diamond shape loves glamour and can show off her uniqueness. If you’re leaning towards this one, its an extraordinary choice. 

7. Pear Cut

Offering a more modern look, the pear-shaped diamond resembles a teardrop with both a pointed end and a round end. These diamonds are stylish and bold and perfect for the bride who is always ready for the unexpected. 

  • What the diamond says about you: Patient, Loyal, and adaptable 

This perfect cut can both lengthen and flatter the look of your finger. Pear-shaped diamonds are an excellent choice for any bride – just remember to have the pointed end facing at your heart. 

Engagement Ring Cuts

Diamonds and engagement rings come in all different shapes and sizes, so it’s up to you to choose the best one suited for you. Let people know who you are and show off your brilliance with one of these engagement ring cuts. 

Now that you know the top 7 engagement ring cuts and what they all represent, all you have to do is match the right now with your personality. Just remember to use a finger size chart before you start shopping for a ring!

We hope this guide helped you come closer to choosing the right ring – if you need more help choosing a ring or know the one you want, send us a message!

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