Alex Sepkus - Diva Diamonds and Jewels Santa Fe

A master of design and a true original in today’s world, Alex Sepkus is a craftsman whose priority is beauty, whose insight and passion for his work are driving forces in life and whose abilities lie within his hands.
“I do not keep my technique a secret. It’s simply the thing that I do with my fingers that transfer the idea from my head to the material.”
Each piece of Alex Sepkus jewelry is hand crafted in his NYC shop. 18 jewelers bring Alex’s designs to life, and many have worked with Alex for over 10 years.
Every piece is created under a microscope: from hand hammering, chasing, engraving, stone settings and final finishing – no small detail is compromised. There are over 300 designs and Alex is the sole innovator.
Alex Sepkus is more than a designer of jewelry. He has created his own category of jewelry. He is not derivative and he does not follow trends. He simply wants to create beautiful things.

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