How to Wear Jewelry the Right Way: A Guide on Jewelry Etiquette

How To Wear Jewelry

While many jewelry rules are considered a little bit outdated, if you’re interested in knowing the etiquette behind your favorite sparkly designer pieces, you might still want to be informed. 

We all know how to wear jewelry for various social situations…or do we? How much do you actually know about what is or isn’t traditionally considered appropriate for certain events? 

While modern trends dictate that individualism comes before all else when it comes to style, there are still a few subtleties of jewelry etiquette that nearly everyone follows. 

If you want to make sure that you’re wearing things properly (or you want to know the proper etiquette so that you can break the mold) keep reading.

The Everyday Collection

Some people have jewelry that they wear regardless of the situation (unless it’s being swapped out for a fancier alternative). 

Things like wedding and engagement rings are, naturally, worn at all times. Many people also choose to wear simple rings on their other fingers. As long as they’re subtle, this is incredibly normal and even in-fashion. 

Having a treasured necklace that one wears daily, especially one with religious significance is acceptable. These are generally simple in nature and often match in metal to the rest of your collection. 

Many men and women alike choose to wear a watch every day. These functional pieces, while a little outdated in our modern world, are classic, and never need explanations. 

Keeping It Casual: Casual Outings and Hangouts

If you’re at home, hanging out with friends in their homes or apartments, or spending time with family, it likely isn’t the time to bring out the brightest and shiniest pieces from your collection. 

For starters, everything in your everyday jewelry rotation is more than welcome here. There’s no need to change up your day-to-day style; your loved ones have already seen it!

While one good statement piece can never hurt, this isn’t the time to show off. It is, however, a good time for simple gold chains with understated pendants. These are things that help pull together an outfit but don’t steal the eyes of the entire room. 

Layered necklaces are great for a casual look, but don’t go overboard. Remember, you want to make the jewelry work for the outfit, but you don’t want the jewelry to steal all of the attention. Wear it, don’t let it wear you. 

How to Wear Jewelry in the Workplace

When you buy your next shiny new bauble, you might be tempted to immediately wear it to work the next day. Won’t everyone want to see it? 

Well, reconsider that temptation. While your jewelry might be beautiful, there’s an art to learning how to wear jewelry at work that’s both classy and understated. 

Many jobs have dress codes based on safety. If your job is one of these, that comes before anything else. 

Beyond that, let’s start with the ears. While dangling earrings are on-trend right now, keeping to classic studs or snug golden hoops might be a better approach to your workplace style. It’s also easy to lose larger earrings which would be tragic in the workplace. 

Similar to your casual situations, other jewelry should be subdued. “Everyday” jewelry is always acceptable here, as is the occasional blingy statement piece. 

Any jewelry that could be loud should not be worn at work. If your bracelet is heavy and makes noise against the keyboard, or your earrings rattle when you move your head, these things should be left for other events. You don’t want to distract others. 

One thing that you want to keep in mind is that it’s impolite to brag. Look at your jewelry before you leave the house and think “Am I showing off, or just showing up?”. You want to look your best, but you don’t need to overdo it in the office. 

Formal Events: Time to Shine

Formal events can be tricky. You definitely have more room to flex your jewelry-styling muscles here, but depending on the type of event you may still want to remain a bit understated. 

This is when you can begin to bring out your jewelry with gems. Diamonds, while too flashy for the workplace and casual hangouts, are perfect for the formal environment. If you pair them with the right outfit they’ll balance each other wonderfully. 

Try not to wear too much jewelry at a formal event unless you’re going for a purposefully kitschy look. The resulting effect can be a bit costumey, and when you’re wearing designer jewelry, that’s the opposite of what you want. 

If you like the costume look, though, this can be a fun way to subvert tradition by taking a rule and bending it. 

Get Creative at Parties and Gatherings

When you’re at a party you have room to experiment with your look. Chances are, people aren’t going to be paying close attention to your jewelry choices but they will notice good style. 

This is where you get to pull out the statement pieces that you’ve had tucked away for special occasions. If something is extravagant but doesn’t feel quite right for the formal sphere, this is the place to bring it out for a try. 

If you’re into the “way too much” look, a party is the time to take advantage of that aesthetic. It’s socially acceptable to be a little bit “extra” when you’re having fun.

Jewelry Is Fun, But There’s an Art to It

While jewelry etiquette doesn’t have to be strictly followed, it’s good to know how certain items will be perceived in social situations. 

Whether you want to follow these “jewelry rules” or you’d rather throw caution to the wind and show off your bling at all times is up to you. In 2020, individual style is flexible.

To learn more, or to buy some jewelry of your own, explore our shop.

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